Replay: Watch Elon Musk Speak at 2021 WSJ CEO Council Summit [VIDEO]

Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk spoke at the Wall Street Journal’s (WSJ) CEO Council Summit, held in Washington, DC, on Monday evening.

The 36-minute chat with Musk was hosted by Joanna Stern from the WSJ. Musk was attending virtually from Tesla’s Giga Texas factory.

Musk was blunt saying President Biden’s Build Back Better bill should be cancelled completely, and the government should eliminate subsidies altogether, including oil and gas. He stressed government should be getting rid of rules and regulations, as they keep increasing every year.

“This hardens the arteries of civilizations,” said Musk, referring to how rules and regulations are stopping progress, calling it a “big problem”.

Musk said he splits his time even between Tesla and SpaceX, works seven days a week and puts in some “crazy hours”.

Going back to the Build Back Better bill, Musk said, “can this whole bill,” saying it’s “unnecessary.” When Stern pressed about support for EV charging networks in the bill, the Tesla CEO said it’s “unnecessary”, adding, “do we need support for gas stations? Delete it. Delete.”

Musk said “nothing as far as I know” will happen on “12/9”, saying “as far as I know, nothing will happen”.

The Tesla CEO called the Cybertruck one of those special products that comes along just once, saying it will be “awesome.”

As for Neuralink, Musk says there is a “chance” of restoring someone’s chance that is a quadriplegic to walk again on their own. “I am increasingly convinced this can be done.”

Starship is going to be the “holy grail” of space technology, later added Musk. “This absorbs more of my mental energy than any single thing.” He said the project is so difficult he wonders if it is even possible.

As for Musk’s haircut? He later said on Twitter, “did it myself” with a laughing emoji:

Check out the full replay below:

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