Tesla Launches Free Autopilot Camera Upgrades for Older Model S, Model X Owners

Tesla has launched a free Autopilot camera upgrade for Model S and Model X owners with cars built before September 2017.

The news comes one day after CEO Elon Musk replied “coming soon” to a customer that asked about a retrofit for older Tesla vehicles.

On Monday evening, Tesla owner @SiRSONIC shared a screenshot of an email received from Tesla, notifying of the complimentary camera upgrade:

Tesla has launched an update on its Full Self Driving Computer website, detailing the complimentary camera upgrades.

“If you have purchased Full Self-Driving Capability and have early production cameras on your Model S or Model X vehicle built prior to September 2017, you are eligible to receive complimentary camera replacements. Only the early production cameras will be replaced with cameras with a different type of color sensor. Camera replacements are not needed on Model 3 vehicles,” explains Tesla.

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Beginning in November 2021, customers will be invited to schedule service appointments for camera replacements, within the Tesla app.

“We are working through supply constraints, and the invitations will be staggered as supply allows. Invitations will be sent first to vehicles with the highest safety scores containing Intel Atom infotainment processors and then to those containing NVIDIA Tegra processors,” explains Tesla.

Tesla will replace the following cameras:

  • forward-facing cameras
  • rearward looking side cameras
  • forward looking side cameras

“Some vehicles may have a mix of different camera types, and only the early production cameras will be replaced with cameras with a different type of color sensor,” explains Tesla.

Camera replacements will take up to an hour to finish and can be completed by a mobile technician or at a Tesla Service Center.

These camera replacements “are required to access a continuously expanding suite of Full Self-Driving Capability features,” concludes Tesla.