Review: Hansshow Tesla Model 3 SR Premium Audio Upgrade Kit

We feel that the Model 3 Standard Range Plus is certainly lacking in the audio department and we wanted to find a solution to the problem. Fortunately, we heard about the Hansshow Model 3 Standard Range Premium Audio Upgrade kit, which the company sent us to test out a while ago.

The Hansshow Model 3 Standard Range Premium Audio Upgrade kit in this review was installed on a refreshed 2021 Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus. This refreshed version now comes with four installed but deactivated front speakers and the rear deck speakers have been removed.

The Hansshow Model 3 Standard Range Premium Audio Upgrade kit includes a wiring harness that activates the 6 inactive speakers, a DSP, OEM style subwoofer with remote, and two rear deck speakers.


Sub-Woofer with Remote:

Rear Deck speakers:


The kit is touted as a do-it-yourself that takes approximately 6 hours to install. Not only am I risk-averse, but I also lack the necessary tools and patience to do this myself and so we’ll be using a local professional audio installer to perform the installation.

The audio pro shop installed the kit in approximately three hours at $400 CAD ($315 USD), however, they were not comfortable installing the rear deck speakers. Hansshow’s instructions are to place the rear speakers on top of the grills which I didn’t want. I wanted a clean look and asked them to put them inside the grills but they weren’t comfortable drilling holes. I wasn’t too concerned since what I really wanted to experience was the addition of the DSP and sub-woofer.

Fortunately for us, an experienced Hansshow installer happened to be in town and offered to install the rear speakers. He had them installed in 30 minutes which included taking apart the rear deck, drilling holes, and wiring up the rear speakers.

You can see him below making the holes in the rear deck for the speakers.

The OEM look is a nice touch from Hansshow; the sub is installed where the OEM would have in the rear quarter panel. Precious trunk space is still intact! We call that a win!

The New Sound Experience

The most noticeable sound upgrade from the Hansshow Model 3 Standard Range Premium Audio Upgrade kit is the increased bass. It is loud–extremely loud. We’re talking feel it in your bones loud. So overpowering that I could not hear the newly activated speakers or the additional speakers in the back.

After tweaking the gain on the sub-remote and bass on the Tesla, we found a level where the bass and the speakers aligned in perfect harmony. The bass thumped while the mids and highs filled the car with sound not previously heard in the car.

This is what the Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus should sound like from the factory but sadly it does not. With the Hansshow Model 3 Standard Range Premium Audio Upgrade kit, the activated speakers add a level of clarity and the subwoofer adds depth to the audio that was previously missing. If you enjoy car audio and looking for a kit that fits the Tesla to a tee, we recommend this kit from Hansshow.

We’ve seen reports where this kit has also increased the volume of the alerts and chimes to unreasonable levels. We haven’t experienced that issue but it appears that using Joe Mode can help resolve that issue should you encounter it.

For those that like to tinker with sound levels, the DSP is adjustable with Hansshow’s software that is available from their Github page. Full disclaimer, Hansshow recommends that professionals use this software; use at your own risk.

We have some audio samples taken pre and post-installation for comparison. Check them out below!


YouTube video


YouTube video

We acknowledge the samples don’t do the premium audio upgrade justice. Our recording gear of GoPro Hero 5 Black doesn’t provide the audio accuracy we would like. But trust us when we say that when sitting in the Tesla, you will feel and hear the difference this kit provides.

The bottom line is that we are impressed with this offering from Hansshow. Installation albeit completed with a professional installer was a breeze. The audio is now immersive and lively and at a cost of $1,165 USD (for DIY), it may be a worthy consideration if you are seeking an audio upgrade.

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