TESBROS Model Y Door Kicker Panels PPF Review

Tesbros ppf model y review 1

TESBROS offers a variety of accessories for Tesla vehicles, allowing you to customize, protect and maintain your electric vehicle investment.

With paint protection films being very popular as a simple and easy way to protect your Tesla, TESBROS sent us their Model Y Door Kicker Panels PPF kit to try out.

TESBROS is based out of Chattanooga, Tennessee so you’re supporting a product that’s designed and made in the USA. The Door Kicker Panels PPF kit covers the lower area of your doors, which are prone to being kicked or bumped into when you’re existing your car. If you have kids, then this area is a prime target by muddy boots, soccer cleats and more. So it’s important to protect your Tesla Model Y door panels if you’re the obsessive-compulsive type, right?

Unboxing the Model Y Door Kicker Panels PPF Kit

Inside the box you’ll find four PPF sheets made out of Avery Supreme—two for the front doors and two for the rear doors. You’ll also get a cool TESBROS sticker, along with two empty spray bottles for the slip and tack solution you’ll create at home, along with a squeegee and instructional card.

The slip solution consists of some dish soap and distilled water, while the tack solution uses the latter and 70% isopropyl alcohol. The slip solution allows you to move your film once applied, while the tack solution will enable the film’s adhesive properties.

Installing Door Kicker Panels PPF

We’ve never installed PPF before in large sheets like this, but after watching the helpful instructional video from TESBROS below, it was fairly simple and easy.

The front door installation requires you to clean the door, spray the slip solution everywhere (also your fingers and the surface of the door) and on the PPF itself, then apply it to the kicker panels.

Next, once you line everything up, use the squeegee to carefully push out the excess water, while taking care to cover up the front speaker grille area.

We found wrapping the squeegee in a damp paper towel can make pushing out excess water easier.

Tesbros ppf model y review 4

The rear installation was a bit trickier as it required the tack solution, due to the curvature of the rear door kicker panels. It took us a couple tries to line the film up properly, then squeegee out the water. We had some wrinkles form (or what is referred to as “fingers”; check the picture above) but all you need to do is keep pushing them down while absorbing the tack solution.

The film gets stickier and everything then sticks into place. Here’s what it looks like after you keep pushing the tack solution out and the “fingers” disappear:

Tesbros ppf model y review 3

The whole process took us about 30 minutes to do all four doors. After the next day, we saw some of the film pop up near the bottom, but this was our fault for not lining it up properly. Using a bit of the tack solution again helped stick everything down into place.

As you can see from our photos below, the TESBROS door kickers PPF has already paid dividends, as it has taken on the brunt of various shoes from our front and rear passengers.

Here’s what the door kicker PPF looked like the next day—you can see some fluid that will eventually evaporate on its own. The front driver door is below:

Tesbros ppf model y review 5

Rear driver side:

Tesbros ppf model y review 6

Front passenger side:

Tesbros ppf model y review 8

Rear passenger side (yes, kids’ shoes!):

Tesbros ppf model y review 7

Overall, we are quite pleased with the door kickers PPF kit from TESBROS. The film is nearly invisible to passengers and it’s easy to install and comes with everything you need to get it done quickly, including the instructional video below:

YouTube video

TESBROS says they offer easy 30-day returns for exchanges and refunds (must be unused), minus shipping costs. The company stands behind its vinyl and PPF offering lifetime warranty replacements, minus shipping costs.

You can click here to buy the TESBROS Door Kicker Panel PPF kit for your Model Y—save 10% off. The door kicker kits are also available for Model 3.