Tesla Model S Plaid Review by Edmunds: Fastest Car, But Just a ‘Marketing Exercise’ [VIDEO]



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Edmunds has published its full review of the 2021 Tesla Model S Plaid, and it’s a controversial one, like how it describes the electric car itself.

Reviewer Alistair Weaver puts the Model S Plaid through its paces and praises the vehicle for its straight line performance, which is “like a good old American muscle car”.

But Weaver says the car is “way too fast” for a twisty circuit and said he fails to see the benefits over the Model S Long Range which costs $40,000 USD less.

However, Jonathan Elfalan, senior manager of vehicle testing at Edmunds, appeared more impressed with the Model S Plaid. After taking the car down a 0-60 mph test, he said, “This is by far the fastest and most breathtaking acceleration I have ever experienced, in any car I have ever driven so far,” noting he was left “completely breathless” on the first pass.

While Weaver says the Model S Plaid is the fastest car Edmunds has tested, he noted the Model S Plaid took 4 feet more than a BMW M5 when it came to braking, plus the car did not hit its estimated EPA range, only missing it by 3 miles (348 miles but was tested at 345 miles), in a full battery to 0% test.

Compared to the Model 3, which is available for more people to purchase due to its price point, Edmunds boldly concludes, “This by contrast, is just a marketing exercise designed to create attention for an aging car, and to satiate the egos of multimillionaires in cocktail bars. Really, it’s only good for 1 thing—and that’s drag racing.” Crikey.

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