Ford BlueCruise Reviewed by Sandy Munro: Tesla Autopilot Better [VIDEO]

Photo: Sandy Munro Live

Ford unveiled its BlueCruise hands-free driver assistant system in April, and a few months after its deployment, Sandy Munro has officially tested the system out.

Sandy Munro shared a new video to Munro Live on Monday, depicting a test of Ford’s BlueCruise hands-free navigation system in a Mustang Mach-E.

In the video, Munro sits in the driver’s seat with a Ford representative in the passenger seat, and he offers a few harsh criticisms for Ford over the BlueCruise system, including a complaint of the system automatically moving the vehicle to the right side of the lane.

Munro goes on to say that he “likes the Tesla driving experience better,” citing that Tesla’s Autopilot rarely disengages when freeway driving. In addition, Munro mentions the inconvenience of the way that Ford’s BlueCruise also requires users to place their hands back on the wheel before any significant curves on the highway, which makes up just a few portions of Munro’s drive in the video.

When asked how long it would be until BlueCruise could handle normal city driving, the Ford spokesperson said that, upon launch, all BlueCruise-equipped electric vehicles (EVs) will have the ability to improve through Ford’s Powerup software upgrades, not dissimilar from how Tesla’s over-the-air (OTA) updates make improvements every so often.

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