German Police Department to Get 215 Volkswagen ID.3 Patrol Cars



Image credit: Volkswagen

A number of police departments around the world are making moves to go electric, and one new German department now joins them with a wide range of new Volkswagen cruisers.

Volkswagen has delivered 215 fully-electric ID.3s and 175 hybrid Passat GTEs to Lower Saxony Police in Germany, according to a press release on Monday.

The first 10 ID.3s were shared with the public on Tuesday at a press conference at the Central Police Directorate of Lower Saxony in Hanover.

The vehicles add to a number of electric police cruisers around the world and in Europe, with Vienna police recently announcing tests of Volkswagen’s ID.3 and ID.4. Head of Volkswagen Germany Holger B. Santel hopes that the addition can help set a precedent for other departments to move towards lowered emission vehicles.

At the press conference, Santel said, “This decision in favor of Volkswagen is significant and can serve as a model for other authorities in Germany and beyond.” Santel continued, “We have a large number of offers and hope that other authorities in Germany and Europe will soon also increasingly rely on e-mobility.”

The electric vehicles (EVs) come from Volkswagen production facilities in Zwickau and Dresden, though Volkswagen has also announced future plans to build six EV battery factories across Europe.

Thanks to Tesla North reader Matteo Bramucci for the tip.

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