Tesla Says Calling in by Phone for Support Just Got Faster

Tesla has notified its retail employees of new phone menu changes when customers call in for support.

According to documents seen by Tesla North, the electric vehicle company says a new dynamic phone menu option will now be available when calling in by phone.

Tesla says the goal is to help provide a more personalized experience to help get our customers and owners to the right team faster.

Previously, staff would direct customers through their phone menu by selecting specific options, but this has changed. Now, employees are told to encourage customers to listen closely to new personalized options to help direct them to support faster.

Tesla explains it is important that all communications including written templates are updated to avoid sending customers to the incorrect team.

The changes affect all customer-facing teams in North America, including Sales, Service and Customer Support. The phone menu changes will be applied to all retail and 800 lines in all territories.

Tesla adds employees should review the announcement for details “on the updated phone menu experience.”