Dodge to Launch World’s First EV Muscle Car in 2024 [VIDEO]



Photo: Stellantis / Dodge

Thursday is Stellantis EV day 2021, and during the streamed event, the parent company of Dodge announced plans to move towards electrification.

Dodge says it will debut what is calls the “world’s first full battery electric muscle car” on Thursday, in a video released by Stellantis.

The electric vehicle (EV) is expected to launch in 2024 in U.S. markets, and despite a slightly unclear teaser video, Dodge will sell electric cars in just a few years.

In the video, the host says, “Dodge will not sell electric cars,” before going on to say “Dodge will sell American muscle,” with the text in the video saying eMuscle.

Despite the confusing language, the video goes on to establish how Dodge plans to integrate EV technology to make its cars even more powerful – hence the emphasis on and homage to its original American muscle cars.

According to a press release from Stellantis, the company plans to make “significant investments in electrification technology and connected software.” The company also announced it has plans to unveil a flexible BEV-by-design platform with electric drive modules covering a number of different vehicle segments.

You can watch Dodge’s full EV Day 2021 stream from Stellantis below, featuring a TV-style commercial at the end to promote the upcoming EV.

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