Electrify Canada Launches Plug&Charge Payment System



As Canada’s electric vehicle (EV) charging network continues to grow, so will customers’ options for paying for charging, including one new feature from Electrify Canada, released on Tuesday.

Electrify Canada introduced the Plug & Charge payment system on Tuesday, which allows an EV driver to charge their cars without using their wallet, phone, or credit card.

The technology is now available at all of Electrify Canada’s chargers across the country, and the system is also built-in on the Porsche Taycan EV and is planned for other EVs in the future.

Instead of using traditional methods of payment, users can add their payment methods to an online profile, at which point, Electrify Canada’s chargers will be able to authenticate and bill a user’s account by communicating directly with the vehicle, instead of forcing the user to interact with the charger at all.

Rob Barrosa, Senior Director of Sales, Business Development & Marketing for Electrify Canada told Tesla North in a statment, “Besides the obvious environmental reasons to make the switch to an electric vehicle, innovative technologies like Plug&Charge make it even more compelling to drive electric.”

Barrosa continued, “With a Plug&Charge account, you simply plug in your EV and the charger handles the financial transaction for an easy and seamless experience, which makes it even more seamless than filling up at the pump.”

Earlier this year, Electrify Canada offered free EV charging on Earth Day, emphasizing the company’s environmentally-focused goals in trying to spur on widespread EV adoption.


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