Biden EV Strategy to Push for Battery Recycling in the U.S.

U.S. President Joe Biden has been vocal about his support for clean energy, and months after his $174 billion infrastructure plan supporting electric vehicles (EV) growth, administration officials have said that domestic EV battery recycling will also gain a boost.

The Biden administration is set to complete a 100-day review of gaps in integral parts of the supply chain on Friday, including those in EVs, according to Reuters. These gaps largely include minerals used in consumer electronics and EVs, as well as trying to find new battery chemistries that reduce metal usage.

Following an executive order put out by Biden earlier this year, various U.S. agencies will submit EV recycling proposals to the White House, some of which may even be released publicly as soon as next week.

One of the administration officials said, “When you look at the way the U.S. has approached the recycling opportunity, what’s very evident is we need to invest in that capacity, we need to take a more proactive approach.”

The official continued, “A big part of the lithium opportunity is really recycling, and being a global leader in recycling the lithium from existing batteries and driving that into these new batteries.”

The move also comes amidst a growing Chinese EV market, which is also the world’s largest auto market.