7-Eleven is Installing 500 EV Chargers By the End of 2022



As talk of electric cars continues to surge, companies of all sorts are looking to help expand the charging network, with one company planning a huge charging infrastructure expansion of its own.

In a press release on Tuesday, 7-Eleven announced plans to install 500 new electric vehicle (EV) chargers across 250 U.S. and Canada locations by the end of 2022. The Direct Current Fast-Charging ports will be added to 22 EV chargers already installed by the company, effectively creating one of the world’s largest charging networks.

7‑Eleven President and CEO Joe DePinto said, “7‑Eleven has always been a leader in new ideas and technology to better serve the needs of our customers.” DePinto continued, “Adding 500 charging ports at 250 7‑Eleven stores will make EV charging more convenient and help accelerate broader adoption of EVs and alternative fuels. We are committed to the communities we serve and to working toward a more sustainable future.”

Along with committing to the installation of EV chargers, 7-Eleven also said it plans to continue to seek renewable energy solutions, committing to purchase 100% wind energy for over 800 Texas locations and over 300 Illinois locations. In addition, it plans to use hydropower for 150 stores in Virginia, and solar energy for 300 Florida stores, all of which it hopes to continue to refine, to create more sustainable practices for tomorrow.


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