Texas Wants to Tax Tesla Owners and Other EVs Up to $400 Per Year



After reports of Texas State Representatives proposing a new bill that could tax electric vehicle (EV) owners annually, a new update holds that some of those who sponsored the bill have received donations directly from gas companies.

EV owners in Texas could pay an additional $240-$400 a year in taxes as a result of the state of Texas in Senate Bill 1728, according to The Hill.

The bill comes in the wake of representatives claiming that EV drivers should contribute to taxes that give money to maintaining roads and gas stations, since, in Texas, EV drivers are exempt from traditional internal combustion engines (ICEs).

Sponsored by Republican Senators Charles Schwertner and Robert Nichols, as well as Democrat Senator Beverly Powell, the SB 1728 EV tax would institute an annual fee for EV owners ranging from $190 to $240 for driving 9,000 miles per year, including a $10 surcharge which would go towards a new charging infrastructure for the state.

Senator Schwertner is a physician supported by energy firms like Atmos Energy Corp., Entergy Corporation Political Action Committee (EnPAC), and CenterPoint Energy Inc., as well as Texas Political Action Committee, according to data from Transparency U.S.A.

Senator Nichols is also an engineer in plastics manufacturing, and he also serves as Chairman of the Senate Transportation Committee, with similar donors to Sen. Schwertner. Senator Powell, similarly, is a realtor with many donors also involved in the same utility company.


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