New Tesla Showroom in Malibu, California Looks Ready to Open



Tesla store malibu

Image via @BLKMDL3

Tesla is set to open up a new store in Malibu, California, and according to images shared on Sunday by @BLKMDL3, the showroom’s grand opening appears to be imminent.

The new Tesla Store is at Park at Cross Creek, next to Malibu In Sight Optometry, with the latter located at 23401 Civic Center Way, and next to the Tesla Supercharger located at the Whole Foods, at the same location.

While the Tesla store was not open for business, but doors were open and enabled Zack (@BLKMDL3) to snap a picture of the interior, with a Model 3 refresh on the showroom floor.

Tesla malibu store model 3

Image via @BLKMDL3

Based on what it looks like inside the showroom, the store looks ready to open any day now.

According to The Park at Cross Creek directory, the Tesla showroom is located at 2F, sandwiched between The Real Coconut and Malibu In Sight:

The Malibu Planning Commission voted in favour of the Tesla showroom at Cross Creek back in February of this year.


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