China’s BYD Delivered More Cars in March than NIO and Xpeng Combined

Warren Buffett-backed Chinese automaker BYD has outsold fellow Chinese vehicle manufacturers Xpeng Motors and NIO in March, according to CNBC, as the race for EV supremacy in China heats up.

On Wednesday, BYD disclosed that it sold 16,301 battery electric vehicles in March, compared to just 7,257 deliveries from NIO in the same month, and just 5,102 from Xpeng in the same period. While both companies outperformed expert predictions last month, the biggest surprise still comes from BYD.

BYD’s Han EV sold a total of 4,100 units in February alone, with the Tesla Model 3 topping world charts and BYD’s EV landing the spot for the world’s fourth best-selling EV. Other notable top sellers included the Tesla Model Y and the Wuling HongGuang Mini EV.

BYD also had an impressive January, outselling both Xpeng and Li Auto, and keeping a close pace with NIO. In February, Chinese automakers were pushed aside briefly, due to a price cut for the Tesla Model Y which caused Model Y sales to surge.

With the inclusion of BYD’s plugin sales, the company sold over 23,000 units within March, with over 53,380 within the first quarter. BYD also nearly the same amount of gas vehicles in the first quarter, totaling 49,394.

NIO announced Tuesday that it has produced its 100,000th electric vehicle (EV), despite being outsold by BYD in recent months.