Here are Highlights of Elon Musk’s Comments at the 2021 China Development Forum [VIDEO]



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Tesla CEO Elon Musk spoke virtually at the 2021 China Development Forum yesterday, an economic summit in the country for its citizens.

The original audio of Musk’s comments at the forum cannot be heard, as they were dubbed over with real-time translation. If you want to catch what Musk said beyond his comments on the privacy of Tesla cars in China, a new video shared by T-Study does just that.

According to T-Study, the following video “contains the highlights of Elon’s comments translated from a list in Chinese provided by Tesla China team.”

Here’s the text of what Musk said during his time yesterday, as per T-Study’s video:

  • China and the U.S. have more common ground than it looks. Look forward to the two countries meeting each other halfway
  • Digital medicine and autonomous driving are disruptive innovations for life and brain computer interface technology can ensure the transmission and continuation of human consciousness
  • 3D tunnels can play vital role in alleviating urban traffic congestion
  • Classroom education should be more for students’ interactive discussion rather than one-way indoctrination
  • Physics is not boring but feelings and teaching with ’temperature’ are needed to show the excitement and attraction of physics
  • Tesla might consider a form of a corporate university in aspects such as robot programming, which combines education with industrial development
  • Regulation on AI is reasonable. To a certain extent, the regulation and symbiosis of artificial intelligence are equally important
  • Ensuring data security is the responsibility of an enterprise. Tesla is willing to use the highest level of measures to protect customer data security and create a mutual-trusting tomorrow with everyone
  • Human beings will become more and more “multi-planetary” and interstellar travel may be possible

The full video of Musk speaking (well, with translation dubbed over) can be viewed here.


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