Tesla Solar Roof Launching in Canada This Year, Confirms Elon Musk

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk has announced the company’s Solar Roof product will be launching in Canada, “later this year.”

Musk made the announcement on Monday afternoon, responding to a query on Twitter.

Earlier today, Musk clarified “the Tesla Solar Roof is slightly hydrophobic, so water, snow or ice slide off easily,” referring to a recent video showing a customer’s Tesla Solar Roof and snow sliding off easily.

“Replace your current roof with Solar Roof and power your home with a fully integrated solar system. With a seamless design, each tile looks great up-close or from the street, complementing your home’s architecture,” explains Tesla’s website.

Tesla’s Solar Roof tiles are built to last with a 25 year warranty, weather-proof and so far the company’s energy professional partners have installed 400,000 roofs, or the equivalent of 10 million solar panels, says Tesla.

It’s unclear how much a Tesla Solar Roof may cost in Canada. Currently, exchange rates aren’t favoring Canadians when it comes to Tesla vehicle prices, so it’s likely the Solar Roof may be equally more expensive in Canada. Let’s see if Musk’s 2021 timeline for Canada will prove true.