Over 50% of Americans Would Switch to SpaceX Starlink Internet Says Survey

Most United States residents would consider switching to SpaceX’s Starlink internet, according to a new survey. Photo: Reviews.org

It’s safe to say that most United States residents don’t feel great about their internet service provider (ISP). Especially when working from home, ISPs seem to have a lot of power, as some are seeing throttled speeds due to heavy demand on networks.

However, SpaceX’s Starlink presents a whole new option to come, and likely one with better connectivity, affordability, and, frankly, one with cool new technology like low-Earth orbit constellations entirely made up of satellites.

In a recent survey of 500 people over 18 as conducted by Reviews.org, it was discovered that 55% of United States residents surveyed would switch to Starlink today if they were offered faster internet (via PC Mag).

Even with a higher cost per month than the average by about $34 (USD), the users still claim they would sign up for Starlink, and many of them even said they would try switching to the beta, which is already out.

Among the most important needs cited by internet users who were surveyed were streaming (74%), video calls (72%), and online gaming (56%). The sample size of the survey is relatively small compared to the U.S. population, however.

In any case, Starlink is here to stay, and as the first low-Earth orbit satellite internet to arrive of many to come, it’s no surprise that it’s already a hit before it’s even publicly available.