Sony Vision-S Electric Vehicle Now Road Testing in Europe [VIDEO]



Sony’s Vision-S EV concept car has begun public road testing in Europe. Photo: Sony

Last year, Sony alluded to a potential upcoming electric vehicle (EV), and just when the world started to forget, the company dropped a stunning new video of a prototype.

On Monday, Sony released a teaser video of public road testing for the Vision-S prototype, and at first glance, it’s a beautiful piece of EV machinery. The video takes place on public roads in Austria, as well as on a racetrack.

We can see from the video that Sony has spent the last year quietly developing the Vision-S, alongside the likes of automaker Magna Steyr and other partners to the technology company helping to build the prototype.

Sony’s Vision-S allegedly has 40 working sensors, giving it the 360-degree awareness, as well as a dashboard size screen – not unlike the recently-released Mercedes-Benz Hyperscreen, but with a much more minimal, squared-off design.

Other features in the vehicle will include over-the-air software updates, 5G connectivity, a driver-monitoring system, voice assisting, and a whole slew of other announced capacities.

In any case, it’ll be exciting to see this new EV get road-ready in the months, and maybe years, to come. While a release date has not yet been specified, we’re eager to see the Sony Vision-S hit consumer driveways, so hopefully, it won’t be long.

Check out the video below:


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