Consumer Reports Lowers Tesla Reliability Score, Blames Model Y

Tesla began production of its Model Y crossover in January, though it’s not exactly considered the most reliable of the company’s lineup, according to a new survey.

In an annual reliability survey conducted by Consumer Reports, the Tesla Model Y was ranked far below average reliability, pulling Tesla’s total ranking down significantly, as reported by Reuters. Survey responders cited misaligned body panels, mismatched paint, and, in one especially strange case, a human hair stuck within the car’s paint job.

Jake Fisher, senior director of auto testing at Consumer Reports, shared his surprise at the company’s lack of reliability in such small, albeit important, doses.

In an interview, Fisher said, “I am surprised that we would see just basic paint and trim type issues and body panel fitment issues. You would think that that would have been worked out a long time ago.” Fisher continued, “Really disappointing when you spend this much money for a car and hopefully they’ll be able to rectify a lot of these as time goes by.”

While Tesla’s Model S and Model X both also received worse than average rankings and lost their “recommended” status, the Model 3 managed to keep its “average” rating and its “recommended” status.