First Look: Volkswagen ID.4 Electric Vehicle in the United States



One of the first Volkswagen ID.4s in the US. Photo: The Kilowatts (@klwtts on Twitter)

After Volkswagen’s ID.4 order configurator crashed on the day of its release, shortly before the vehicle sold out completely, critics and onlookers alike knew that Volkswagen’s electric vehicle (EV) would be a fierce competitor for Tesla and any other EVs on the market.

On Tuesday, Twitter users and EV enthusiasts The Kilowatts (@klwtts on Twitter) shared photos and information on one of the first Volkswagen ID.4s available in the US as of yet. With it, the post encourages viewers to share “what they want to see” in the ID.4’s breakdown.

After the call to what users wanted to see, one user asked if there was a frunk, and another asked about the onboard operation system. While there is no frunk on VW’s ID.4, The Kilowatts cited the operation system as “surprisingly customizable,” along with a brief video depicting the different options available to the driver.

Volkswagen’s ID.4 is an ambitious EV, to say the least, and there’s a reason why it’s currently such a top-seller in Europe. And now, those in the US are going to get their own chance at the German-made EV.

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