Ford Factory to Make Electric Vehicles with $600 Million from Canadian Government and Ontario

The government of Canada and the province of Ontario have announced they will each invest $295 million CAD ($223 million USD) to turn Ford’s Oakville Assembly Complex “into a global hub for battery electric vehicle production.”

The total $1.8 billion CAD investment ($1.36 billion USD) is what both governments are calling “the most significant investments in the province’s auto sector in a generation.”

“By making this investment in Ford Canada, we are ensuring our province continues to lead North America and the world in automotive manufacturing and innovation, while boosting our competitiveness in this key sector,” said Premier Doug Ford in a statement. “We are also securing thousands of good-paying jobs, not just at the facility in Oakville, but across the province. This project will help support our auto parts sector and other suppliers and service providers.”

“Today’s announcement is a testament to Canada’s attractiveness as a destination for clean technology, talent, and infrastructure in the automotive industry,” said Prime Minister Trudeau, in a statement. “Companies like Ford are helping accelerate our transition to a low-carbon, clean-growth economy, which will help protect our environment, drive innovation, and create many good middle-class jobs.”

The plant in Oakville will see Ford modernize it to “accommodate multiple battery electric vehicle (BEV) models.” The first vehicles expected to roll out of the plant won’t be until 2025. The plant employs over 3,000 workers and last month the union representing workers agreed to move forward with Ford’s EV plans.

As of August 31, 2020, the federal government says over 56,000 Canadians have purchased an eligible zero–emission vehicle through the iZEV program, with rebates totalling over $239 million.