Nikola World 2020 Postponed, Badger Fate Unknown

Nikola Motors is delaying its scheduled-contract signing with GM, but the company just released a hopeful attempt to maintain its status as a credible company.

On Wednesday, Nikola shared a press release stating its “executing strategy and vision to deliver innovative technology, energy, and transportation solutions.” The release included a timeline of its commercial truck milestones, stating its plan to begin production of its FCEV trucks in late 2023.

Nikola also stated that it planned to have the first batch of five prototypes of the Nikola Tre completed in the next few weeks at its JV facility in Ulm, Germany. Additionally, it included details from its previous orders from Anheuser-Busch and others, as well as some investment details, likely to convince investors to stay put.

Despite the potentially exciting news from the EV company to-be, fans on Twitter were upset by the lack of inclusion of the anticipated Badger, which was not mentioned in the press release.

In the release, Nikola writes, “Nikola continues to make progress on the development of its 1 million square-foot manufacturing facility in Coolidge, Arizona.” It continues, “The Company is on schedule to complete Phase 1 of construction by the end of 2021, with construction intended to be fully complete by mid-2023.”

There’s no question that investors, fans, and other onlookers are skeptical of Nikola’s claims. The past month hasn’t been kind to the supposed hydrogen fuel cell automotive company, and it’s difficult to say what their future will hold.