Lucid Air Will Be Fastest-Charging Electric Vehicle at 20 Miles Per Minute



When considering which electric vehicle (EV) to buy, total range and charging times are probably the two most significant factors to consider. Now, Lucid Motors is touting one of its cars as the world’s fastest-charging EV.

According to a press release by the EV company, the Lucid Air will be the quickest-charging EV in the world with charging rates of up to 20 miles per minute – ultimately offering up to 300 miles with each 20-minute charge.

The company has achieved these record-breaking charging speeds by using a 900v+ custom lithium-ion battery with a 300 kW charge rate, and which has both superior powertrain efficiency and thermal management systems, according to Lucid. The charging system is also compatible with any other DC charging station, to be sure.

Lucid Motors is set to officially launch on September 9th, 2020, and is expected to compete with Tesla on a mass scale. While Tesla has seen a plethora of major gains in the stock market lately, Lucid is at least setting itself up for success against the EV giants with this charging technology.

Whatever happens when Lucid launches, consumers are already eager about the company’s charging claims, and it will be a wonder to see if the EVs hold up to the hype.


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