Tesla Model Y Long Range RWD Launch in a “Few Months” Says Elon Musk



With the recent $3,000 USD price cut to the Tesla Model Y, questions remained about the status of the Long Range RWD version and the Standard Range Model Y. But tonight, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has been answering questions about its latest compact SUV.

When asked, “Info on the SR Model Y was just taken down from the configuration page, is it still going to be made?”, Musk responded, “No, as range would be unacceptably low (< 250 mile EPA)”, or less than 402 kilometres.

Musk followed up to emphasize, “We have reduced pricing on Model Y LR dual motor & will offer a LR single motor Y in a few months, which improves affordability, while still keeping the product excellent.” A few months from now would suggest a fall launch for this LR RWD Model Y.

When asked about the range of the upcoming Tesla Model Y RWD Long Range, Musk said range testing was currently underway. “Number will be significantly higher than 300. Extremely good for any EV, especially an SUV,” said the CEO. What does “significantly higher” than 300 miles equate to? If it was a 10% increase over 300, that could mean a Long Range RWD Model Y capable of 330 miles (531 km).

What someone guessed pricing at “around $45k?” (about $61,000 CAD), Musk didn’t say much, other than add the ‘side eyes’ emoji, hinting he couldn’t say any more:

Some else also asked if it was possible “to have a weather radar overlay on the nav screen to help predict storms and the wind” as a connectivity feature, Musk replied, “I think so”.

What are the implications of axing a Standard Range Model Y? For starter, it simplifies the Model Y product line up and pushes customers towards a more expensive Long Range RWD version.

For Canadians, if there’s no Standard Range Model Y version, it does not look like the compact SUV will qualify for $5,000 in federal rebates, like the Model 3, as electric vehicles starting at under $45,000 make the cut.

Tesla launched a $44,999 CAD Model 3 Standard Range back in May 2019, to allow the vehicle to qualify for federal rebates. This version only had a 150km range and could only be ordered by phone or from a Tesla store. The move allowed Tesla to qualify its Model 3 for the federal program, while also pushing customers to a higher-priced Standard Range Plus Model 3, priced at $53,700 CAD at the time (today it’s $52,990 CAD).

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