Tesla Model Y Reviewed in Canada: “Best Tesla Ever” [VIDEO]



Tesla model y review

The first Tesla Model Y deliveries made their way to Canada earlier this month and now we have one of the first video reviews from Toronto-based Tesla Owners Online’s Trevor Page.

The 20-minute video has Page review one of the first Model Y units delivered in Toronto, Ontario. Page reviews the Model Y with his friend Kenneth, who helped him review the first Model 3 when it delivered in Canada years back.

Both men examine the features of the Model Y and compare it to the Model 3. The trunk with the seats folded flat does indeed allow two adult men to lie down, though.

Despite the Model Y having the same width as the Model 3, the car feels wider, say the reviewers, saying the seats are “very comfortable” as they’re the same from the Model 3.

Page says Tesla “has a real winner on their hands” and the review calls the Model Y the “best Tesla ever”.

When Tesla launches sales of its rear wheel drive (RWD) Model Y in 2021, the lower price point of this configuration should further push adoption of the company’s newest compact SUV.

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