Tesla Introduces Lowest Price for Home Solar in the United States



image via Tesla

Tesla Inc. makes electric vehicles that people love. But the company also makes solar energy solutions that people love, too. In fact, the company’s website has been redesigned to feature its solar panel systems ahead of its vehicles. And in another recent effort to enhance its solar solutions, Tesla announced a new pricing structure that makes for the lowest-ever cost to go solar in the United States.

As a new page on Tesla’s website blog states, “With our new pricing, an average customer buying a large system in California will make their money back in only six years by reducing their electric bill, ultimately making an average of $88,000 over the system’s lifetime.” The blog continues on to describe similar price savings in other states within the U.S.

Furthermore, Tesla highlights several changes that make the new pricing possible in the first place. For example, they automated the ordering process with optimized online options for customers. According to their blog, “the move to a digital experience helped cut our sales and marketing costs by 64 percent.”

As you may have guessed, these kinds of changes allowed Tesla to channel funds into creating superior products and passing savings along to the user. With residential solar systems lowering in price, Tesla looks to increase its energy business. The company has also received a few major public energy storage projects in recent weeks.


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