UK Grants Tesla Electricity Generation License



Near the beginning of May, Tesla applied for a license to apply the United Kingdom with electricity. The news followed a trend in Tesla expanding its green energy efforts into new regions across the world. Some recent Canadian Megapack projects hint toward an even greater international adoption of Tesla energy solutions. UK officials granted a license to Tesla to establish an energy business in the UK marketplace.

However, there is still some speculation as to the larger intention of Tesla’s application. Many have presumed that Tesla aims to utilize its Autobidder platform in the UK. The project, similar to the large scale energy storage solutions Tesla implemented in Australia, allows for mass storage of energy using renewable methods and technology.

According to sources at The Energyst, “The electric carmaker is planning to build out a virtual power plant in the UK and elsewhere using its autobidder platform. It applied for the licence in April. Virtual power plants are aggregated distributed energy assets that can be remotely controlled to act like a power station.”

If successful, virtual power plants could transform the green energy space. There are several similarities between this consumer-facing infrastructure and the transportation network created by Tesla Supercharger stations. Nevertheless, Tesla’s new license in the UK posits some major developments for the company’s energy business.


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