Alberta ‘Windcharger’ Project Uses Tesla Megapacks



In Canada, more energy projects are making use of Tesla’s energy storage solutions. Earlier in 2020, Saint John Energy made use of a single Tesla Megapack to assist with energy conservation at their facility in New Brunswick. Now, according to new reports, a Canadian power project known as ‘Windcharger’ aims to install even more Tesla Megapack battery solutions.

The power company TransAlta, based in Alberta, Canada, announced their years-long plans to utilize modern green energy storage solutions across some of their sites. As a result, the company has chosen to go with the Tesla Megapack. TransAlta plans to install nine of the battery pack storage solutions, according to sources at Electrek. The project marks a major leap ahead for both Tesla and their relationship with large-scale power suppliers in Canada. With more Megapacks planned for the project, Windcharger surpasses the Saint John Energy project developed in Alberta.

Electrek states, “When completed, it’s going to have a 10MW power capacity with a total storage capacity of 20MWh, which is quite large for a first project to test battery storage. TransAlta aims to turn the Tesla Megapacks online by the end of the month.” Tesla’s Megapack offers several incentives for large scale energy projects of this stature. The Megapack utilizes slim designs that allow for fewer parts and rapid manufacturing.


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