Tutorial – How to Adjust the Mirrors in Tesla Model Y



In this week’s tutorial we will continue our exploration of the Tesla Model Y. Follow along on page 54 of the Tesla Model Y Owner’s Manual. Here’s how to adjust the mirrors in the newest electric vehicle from Tesla Inc.

To adjust the vehicle’s exterior mirrors:

  1. Navigate to the vehicle’s touchscreen
  2. Touch Controls > Quick Controls > Mirrors
  3. Select either Left or Right on the touchscreen
  4. Use the steering wheel’s left button to adjust mirrors
  5. To change which mirror you’re adjusting, simply press the left button on the wheel

To adjust the outer mirrors to fold inwards in tight spaces

  1. Navigate to Controls on the touchscreen
  2. Select Quick Controls > Fold

Folded side mirrors will return to their original positions once the Model Y reaches a speed of 50 km/h or 31 mph. You can also select Fold again to unfold the mirrors manually.

The Model Y has a mode that allows for autofolding mirrors depending on the vehicle’s location. However, you must first enable the feature.

To enable Auto-Fold Mirrors Based on Location

  1. The vehicle must be moving no faster than 5 km/h or 3 mph, or in the stopped position.
  2. On the touchscreen, go to Controls.
  3. Select Quick Controls > Mirrors > Always Fold at This Location

The owner’s manual also highlights additional steps for operating the vehicle’s vanity mirrors and rear view mirror.


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