Tesla Model Y Dimensions, Weight, Height and More Leak

Tesla model y specs

We now have the apparent dimensions to Tesla’s Model Y SUV, if new leaks are to be believed.

According to an anonymous tipster, the following details posted by Tesmanian reveal what we didn’t know about Model Y, including its exact length, width and height.

Check out the details below…

Exterior Dimensions (A):

  • Overall Length: 187 in or 4,750 mm

Total Width (B):

  • Overall Width including mirrors: 83.8 in or 2,129 mm
  • Overall Width including folded mirrors: 77.9 in or 1,978 mm
  • Overall Width excluding mirrors: 75.6 in or 1,921 mm

Total Height (C):

  • Overall Height – coil : 64 in or 1,624 mm


  • Curb Weight* Long Range Battery, Dual Motor: 4,416 lbs or 2,003 kg
  • GVWR** Long Range Battery, Dual Motor: 5,302 lbs or 2,405 kg
  • Gross Vehicle Weight Distribution – Dual Motor: Front 46% and Rear 54%
  • Gross Axle Weight Rating – Front 20″ Wheels: 3,005 lbs or 1,363 kg
  • Gross Axle Weight Rating – Rear 20″ Wheels: 3,307 lbs or 1500 kg
  • *Curb Weight = weight of the vehicle with correct fluid levels, no occupants and no cargo
  • **GVWR = Gross Vehicle Weight Rating

There’s also a feature called “Off-Road Assist”, which says it “Adjusts traction control to optimize performance off-road. Some Autopilot safety features such as Automatic Emergency Braking and Lane Departure Avoidance features are not available when Off-Road Assist is enabled.”

Screenshots also detail the location of the power trunk button for Model Y, all but confirming a power trunk/hatch. We knew it would be power-assisted, but now the location of the button confirms this 100%.

The only missing details so far? Nothing about the tow rating, ground clearance, along with wheelbase and track.

The first Model Y deliveries are set for March 15-30 in the United States. For Canadians, Model Y delivers are set for “mid-2020” with most orders in the “prepare for delivery” stage.