Tesla Cars Might Talk Soon



Talking cars might soon no longer be something unusual. According to a tweet from Tesla CEO Elon Musk, the electric car maker will focus on developing the AI used for its cars and extending its features to communication outside the vehicle. Apparently, Tesla cars will talk to people both inside and outside the car.

Tesla has invested in developing the AI used for its cars and plans on taking this approach even further. The new members added to the company’s computer vision and AI team in the last couple of years is proof of that.

Though the primary purpose of using AI to build Tesla’s electric vehicles was to develop self-driving capabilities, the car manufacturer explored other realms and possibilities. This interest led to Tesla’s neural net for weather detection and the recently released voice commands, for example.

Musk tweeted a few days ago about the car’s ability to answer in the future along with a short preview video that allows viewers to hear a Tesla Model 3 saying “But don’t just stand there staring, hop in”.

The future update doesn’t come as a surprise, though. Model 3 was updated last year with a speaker grill and a pedestrian warning system to meet the regulatory requirements for quite vehicles in Europe and the US. Tesla’s Model 3 received an audible tone that plays when the car is moving slowly both in reverse and drive mode.

No specific details regarding the release date of such an update have been given, yet we can only assume that it might be sometime this year.


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