California Approves Plan to Ban New Gas Car Sales by 2035

It’s been a couple of years since California introduced the idea of banning gas car sales, and the state has now officially set plans for phasing out the fossil fuel-burning vehicles. California voted to approve a ban on new gas car sales by 2035 on Thursday and is one of the first government entities to […]

Here are Cars Still Eligible for the $7,500 EV Tax Credit in 2022 [LIST]

U.S. President Joe Biden signed the Inflation Reduction Act on Tuesday, including a crucial tax credit of $7,500 on electric vehicle (EV) purchases. According to Automotive News, the Biden Administration said on Tuesday that around 20 EV models will remain eligible for the $7,500 EV credit through the end of 2022. The Alliance for Automotive […]

Tesla’s Next Big Thing Could be Electrifying Air Travel, Says Morgan Stanley

Tesla has successfully established itself as a global leader in the electric vehicle (EV) space, but where will the company’s journey of electrification take it next? Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas believes that one likely possibility is electric aircraft — reports Yahoo Finance. In fact, Jonas thinks Tesla’s entry into the short-haul air transport space […]

Ford to Pour Another $20 Billion into Global EV Production: Report

Ford Motor Co. is planning a major shift to electric vehicle (EV) production at its factories as part of a restructuring to better focus on electrification — reports Bloomberg. The plans could see the veteran automaker spend as much as $20 billion USD over the next 10 years, with efforts led by former Tesla and […]

Goodyear Launches Dedicated EV Replacement Tire

The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company announced last week the launch of their new ElectricDrive GT tires — the veteran tiremaker’s first foray into the world of electric vehicle (EV) replacement tires. According to the company, the ElectricDrive GTs are “ultra-high performance, all-season” tires designed to deliver long-lasting tread wear and a near-silent ride for […]

Toyota bZ4X EV U.S. Release Date: Spring 2022

According to Automotive News, the all-electric 2022 Toyota bZ4X crossover will launch in the U.S. sometime in the spring, with an estimated range of up to 250 miles (~402 km). 2022 Toyota bZ4X to arrive to U.S. in spring with range of up to 250 miles https://t.co/IcpkAJI1Si pic.twitter.com/f1FX8MyLQD — Automotive News (@Automotive_News) November 17, 2021 Toyota […]

Nissan Ariya EV Pricing Starts from $47,125 USD

Nissan has revealed pricing for its upcoming all-electric CUV, the Ariya — reports Automotive News. The Nissan Ariya will start at $47,125 USD (before potential tax incentives). Nissan prices Ariya EV from $47,125 https://t.co/l7aKLOQR13 pic.twitter.com/KECVuCy9sh — Automotive News (@Automotive_News) November 17, 2021 The Ariya is Nissan’s first new electric vehicle (EV) since the Japanese automaker introduced […]

Tesla is a Serious Threat, Warns Ford CEO to 20,000 Employees

Tesla and its growing presence in the automotive industry was a major topic at Ford’s recent virtual town hall, which was attended by around 20,000 employees from around the globe. During the virtual conference, Ford CEO Jim Farley spoke about Tesla, warning that the company must take Tesla seriously as the dominant player in the […]

Tesla Dominates in 1,000 Mile Race with 11 Electric Vehicles [VIDEO]

Tesla is often considered the best brand when it comes to zero-emission vehicles, based on the company’s electric vehicle hardware and software, but how does that hold up against other brands? Car and Driver unveiled results on Wednesday from a race between 11 different electric vehicles (EVs) on a 1,000-mile race across Middle America. In […]

GM to Source U.S.-Based Lithium for Next-Gen EV Batteries

General Motors announced a multi-million dollar strategic investment in and commercial collaboration with Controlled Thermal Resources (CTR) to source locally extracted, low-cost lithium in a press release on Friday. At its Hell’s Kitchen Lithium and Power development in the Salton Sea Geothermal Field, located in Imperial, California, CTR is working on a closed-loop process to […]

Volkswagen to Stop Selling Gas Cars in Europe by 2035

Klaus Zellmer, Volkswagen’s board member for sales, went on the record on Saturday saying that the German carmaker will stop selling cars with Internal Combustion Engines (ICEs) in Europe by 2035, shifting to an all-electric catalog — reports Autoblog. “In Europe, we will exit the business with internal combustion vehicles between 2033 and 2035, in the United […]

2021 Electric Vehicle Rebates and Incentives in Canada [LIST]

Northern Tesla recently published a YouTube video with a nifty roundup of all the EV rebates and incentives, both federal and provincial, that Canadians can take advantage of throughout 2021. Here’s a list of all the EV rebates and incentives Canadians have access to this year: Federal Rebates The iZEV program offers $5,000 off any EV […]

Global EV Sales Could Hit 145 Million By 2030 Says OECD Policy Advisor

According to a statement from the International Energy Agency (IEA), electric cars, buses, vans, and heavy-duty trucks are estimated to reach 145 million globally by 2030, as reported by CNBC. Many authorities around the world are working to incentivize the adoption of EVs, though barriers still remain in several markets. The number comes from the […]