Mercedes Vision EQXX Electric Vehicle Hits 747 Miles on Single Charge

The Vision EQXX electric vehicle (EV) from Mercedes-Benz has set a new record for range, travelling 747 miles (1,202 km) from the company’s home base in Stuttgart, Germany to the Silverstone racetrack in the U.K. on a single charge — reports CNET. Mercedes’s Vision EQXX toppled its own previous record, which was 626.3 miles (1,007 […]

Mercedes-Benz Touts EQXX Prototype 1,000 km Test Drive on Single Charge

Mercedes-Benz unveiled the Vision EQXX electric vehicle (EV) with 621 miles of range, last year, and one executive from the automaker says the high range is part of the company’s focus on efficiency. The German automaker plans to produce EVs that consume just 10 kilowatt-hours of energy per 100 km (62 miles), in its 100-kilowatt/hour […]