Faraday Future Says FF 91 EV Gets 381-Mile EPA Range


Photo: Faraday Future

As many electric vehicle (EV) startups begin to launch their first vehicles, one new automaker has gained a more favorable range rating from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) than it expected to with its first release.

Startup EV automaker Faraday Future announced its flagship FF 91 vehicle, which has gained a 381-mile (613 km) range rating from the EPA, as detailed in a press release on Thursday.

The FF 91 Futurist features 1,050 horsepower and a 0-60 mph time of under three seconds.

Photo: Faraday Future

“The confirmation of our 381 miles of range by the EPA is truly exciting news for FF and validates what we know about the FF 91: the segment leading FF 91 will be the first high-end, high-performance, luxury, intelligent EV and will reset customer expectations for both driver and passenger experience,” said Faraday Future CEO Dr. Carsten Breitfeld.

“Our integrated propulsion system with a lithium-ion battery pack efficiently converts battery energy to power the vehicle and effectively recovers and reuses brake energy to optimize and extend range. FF’s segment leading engineering provides a significant step forward in electric vehicle technology, providing a tremendous increase in EV range.”

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The FF 91 is in pre-production at the company’s ieFactory California in Hanford, and users can begin pre-ordering the EV at Faraday Future’s website or using its FF Intelligent app.