Coupon: Save 10% Off Tesmanian Tesla Model Y Front Trunk Organizer

Tesmanian model y frunk organizer

Leading Tesla aftermarket accessory maker, Tesmanian, has launched a new front trunk storage organizer for the Tesla Model Y—and you can save 10% off this new product right now.

With coupon code TESLANORTH10, it takes 10% off this new Model Y ‘frunk’ organizer, from $99.99 USD down to $90 USD.

Tesmanian model y frunk organizer 2

Tesmanian tells Tesla North this new product was launched about a week ago. It is custom-designed to fit your Model Y front trunk perfectly and to help you organize with its 6 slots. The organizer is made from durable waterproof and sturdy ABS plastic and can be easily removed at any time.

This Tesmanian Model Y ‘frunk’ storage organizer measures 33.7” x 15” x 6.5”.

Coupon code TESLANORTH10 also saves you an extra 10% off existing Tesmanian Model Y floor mat sales, resulting in the following discounts:

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