Save 10% Off Tesloid Model 3 Console Wraps: Coupon TN10

Tesloid console wraps

Tesloid recently launched new console wraps for the Tesla Model 3 for customers in Canada and the USA.

The Tesloid Model 3 Console Wrap is available in Carbon Fibre, Matte Grey and Modern Wood, priced at $49.99 in Canada and the USA. You can save 10% off by using coupon code TN10, taking the price down to $44.99.

Each package includes two console wraps made from vinyl film, so you have an extra if you mess up your install or your first one gets scuffed or damaged somehow. These wraps get rid of the fingerprint-attracting glossy look of the centre console.

Center console carbon fibre wrap info1

Tesloid laser cuts each console wrap so they’re a perfect fit, while installation is dead simple as it’s just peel and stick, while the vinyl film has invisible air release vents for a bubble-free installation every time.

Center console carbon fibre wrap info2 2

Don’t forget to use coupon code TN10 to save 10% off these new Tesloid Center Console Wraps. A version for the Model Y was supposed to launch last week, but should be coming soon.

Click the links below to buy one today:

For Canadians wondering, Tesloid has a warehouse locally so your order ships from Canada, ensuring you avoid any duties or extra brokerage fees.

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