Tesla Model Y May Get Track Mode Soon Says Elon Musk



Tesla CEO Elon Musk has had an active evening tonight on Twitter and his latest reply to an inquiry has confirmed track mode may make its way to the Tesla Model Y.

“Can we get track mode for the model Y? Is it possible?”, asked @teslaownersSV. Musk just replied with a β€œyes”, essentially answering the first or both questions.

Track Mode debuted back in March for the Tesla Model 3 Performance owners, through an over-the-air software update. It sounds like it will eventually make its way to Model Y Performance owners at some point in time (“Elon time” of course).

Tesla says Track Mode V2 lets drivers “customize its handling, providing even more control over how their car behaves on track. Drivers can now fine-tune their car’s performance, including motor balance, stability assist and regenerative braking.”

Essentially, Track Mode V2 lets owners customize their Tesla when taking it to the track, to adjust handling balance such as shifting motor bias, torque settings per motor, and more. Stability control systems can also be adjusted, along with regenerative braking settings, while the feature also brings real-time status monitoring and performance review on lap times.

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