Tutorial – Braking and Stopping in Tesla Model Y



image via Model Y Owner’s Manual

In this week’s tutorial series, we’ll continue walking through the features of the Tesla Model Y. With a plethora of braking and stopping mechanisms in place, the subject can get quite complex. Let’s keep it simple by getting started along with the Tesla Model Y Owner’s Manual as a guide.

As the guide states, there are lots of smart braking features in the vehicle. This means drivers should take caution to read the warnings and guidelines before driving the vehicle. These warnings are listed on page 68 of the owner’s manual. For example, a note of caution on the Model Y Automatic Emergency Braking, “Automatic Emergency Braking is not designed to prevent a collision. At best, it can minimize the impact of a frontal collision by attempting to reduce your driving speed. ”

Regenerative Braking slows the vehicle down when you’re not accelerating. It then sends this energy back to the battery.

To set the Regenerative Braking level:

  1. Navigate to the touchscreen
  2. Select Controls > Driving > Regenerative Braking
  3. Select one of two options.
  4. Low makes it take longer for the vehicle to slow down. This mode allows for further coasting.
  5. Standard provides “the maximum amount of Regenerative Braking”

The manual also walks through a number of stopping modes, brake wear, and more.


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