Tesla Model Y White Interior Configuration Option is Delivering Soon


For most who have ordered a Tesla Model Y, it won’t be long now before deliveries start arriving. Many who ordered the new Model Y were concerned about the availability of certain customization options. When designing the Model Y on Tesla’s website, the white interior option is available, alongside the standard black interior.

However, the availability of alternative interior color and design represented a primary concern among customers who had already placed their Model Y orders. Other Model Y customizations, such as Performance and Long Range models should be delivered without any complications. In any case, it looks as though Tesla has sent some confirmations out to those who chose the white interior. 

As one user shows in a short clip on Twitter, there were two Model Y SUVs boasting white interiors spotted on a carrier near LAX.

The news comes as a welcome surprise to many who were beginning to wonder about the availability of interior designs on the Model Y. Of course, Tesla has begun sending confirmation texts and emails to some customers regarding the status of their deliveries. The electric vehicle manufacturer is set to begin delivering the Model Y in just a few days, on March 15, 2020.