Tesla Model Y SUV Deliveries Coming March 15-30 in the U.S.

Ahead of initial projections, Tesla plans to begin rolling out the new Tesla Model Y deliveries in the coming weeks. 

The good news keeps on rolling for Tesla. The Model Y SUV release expects a major boost for the electric vehicle titan. The past few months have brought several improvements from Tesla, including Range Boost software updates and increased hype surrounding the release of the Model Y SUV.

Besides new features, a sleek appearance, and a modest price point, the Model Y is also generating some buzz based on its release date, which is currently ahead of schedule. Those who have ordered Performance and Long-range models should expect their deliveries in the coming weeks. Anyone looking for the standard-range model will have to wait until 2021.

The first U.S. deliveries are set to take place from March 15-30, 2020. As for Canadians, they’re seeing order stages as “Prepare for delivery”, set for “mid-2020”.

Recent tweets show off interior pictures of the Model Y SUV. There are a few minor differences between the Model Y and the Model 3, some of which were demonstrated in the official reveal from March 2019. Musk’s presentation a year ago showed the Model Y having a true usable range of up to 300 miles. This differs slightly from the Model 3’s 325 miles. With the release of the Model Y, users expect yet another electric vehicle advancement from Tesla.