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Tesla’s Brand Loyalty Dominates the Auto Industry, Surprising Analysts [VIDEO]

The Autoline Network recently published an interview with Tom Libby from automotive analysis firm S&P Global Mobility highlighting Tesla’s dominance in the luxury car market. During the interview, Libby followed up on a recent study from S&P Global Mobility that revealed Tesla’s brand loyalty as a luxury automaker surpasses all of its rivals. He outlined […]

Tesla’s Luxury Brand Loyalty Continues to Surpass All Automakers: Study

Tesla is leading the charge in brand loyalty in the luxury sector, according to Associate Director at S&P Global Mobility in a webinar on Tuesday, reported by Automotive News. The webinar, entitled “Baker’s Dozen: 13 Takeaways From Today’s New Vehicle Loyalty Landscape,” looked at brand loyalty trends across the industry, featuring data compiled between January […]