German Court Again Orders Tesla to Stop Clearing Trees at Giga Berlin

In spite of earlier reports that Tesla would have “every assistance” from the German government in its construction goals, the California-based company has been stopped up three times by German courts in the past several weeks. And in the newest blow to the company’s morale, it has been asked to stop cutting down trees at […]

Tesla Giga Berlin Deforestation Round Two Underway

Tesla’s Giga Berlin site is well underway after a first round of deforestation, though new reports show that the company will now need to remove more trees to continue construction. On Monday, Teslarati reported that Tesla has gained approval from the State Office for the Environment to begin the second phase of deforestation needed to […]

Tesla Gigafactory 4 and Its Positive Impacts on Brandenburg

After signing the purchase contract for a 300-hectare property in Grünheide earlier this month, Tesla moved on with its plans to build the company’s first European facility. Several meetings with the local authorities have taken place and according to Economics Minister Jörg Steinbach, the recent event and the upcoming activity can prove to be beneficial […]

Tesla's Afforestation Tasks Might Be More Complex Than Planned

Tesla recently acquired a 300-hectare property in Germany for its Gigafactory 4. Building the facility requires significant tree removal, yet the company plans to plant three times more trees than the ones cut down. However, carrying out this task might not be as easy as expected. After negotiating the purchase contract earlier this month, the […]

Tesla Moves Forward and Acquires Land for Its European Gigafactory

Tesla’s plans to sell cars in markets around the world get one step closer to reaching fruition as the company has negotiated a great price for the European plant land. According to several details that have been released, the electric car manufacturer will acquire the 300-hectare property for just $45.48 million. Given that the company […]