Tesla Model 3/Y Roof Racks from Tesloid: Save 10% Off

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If you recently bought a new Tesla and need roof racks, Tesloid has its own offerings specifically for the Model 3 and Model Y.

These performance-focused racks boast of a seamless design that enhances the appearance of the Tesla models and integrates smoothly with their structure.

Fabricated from heavy-duty aluminium, the Tesloid roof racks provide a robust and reliable solution for drivers aiming to increase their vehicle’s cargo capacity. The racks are ideal for large cargo, effectively freeing up interior space in the vehicle.

The new roof racks are offered as a comprehensive package, including two crossbars, four silicone pads, a lock key, and all required installation hardware, ensuring a hassle-free setup process.

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Not only do these roof racks serve as a practical cargo solution, but they also aim to enrich the outdoor experience for Tesla drivers. With their help, users can significantly expand storage, protect their vehicle’s interior, and boost their overall journey.

The roof racks for Tesla Model 3 and Model Y have impressive technical specifications. Both models are made of aluminum. The Model 3 version supports a load rating of 150 lbs, while the Model Y variant can carry up to 120 lbs.

The front bar width is 53 inches for both models, and the rear bar width is 49 inches. Weighing just 13 lbs, they are sturdy without adding excessive weight to the vehicle. They come with a lock and key for added security. There will be a minor increase in wind noise, which is normal and expected after installation.

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Tesloid roof racks offer a stylish and high-performance solution for Tesla Model 3 and Model Y owners who are seeking to expand their vehicle’s cargo capacity. Their seamless integration and robust design make these roof racks a practical addition for any trip.

Tesla sells its own roof racks for Model 3 at $400 USD and Model Y at $500 USD. Tesloid’s racks are more affordable and with Tesla North’s coupon code—you can save 10% off.

Both are available on Tesloid’s website at $229 USD—use coupon TESLANORTH10 to save 10% off at checkout.

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