Jeda Coupon Code TESLANORTH: Save $20 Off Jeda Tray for Model 3/Y

Jeda tray

Jeda just launched its new Jeda Tray on Tuesday morning, its latest accessory to keep you organized within your Tesla Model 3 or Model Y.

The new center console organizer is sleek, minimal and offers more space for pre-refreshed Model 3 and Model Y owners. Made out of 1-inch thick aluminum, there’s a two-tiered storage with removable lid.

Jeda tray picture

For Apple Watch and AirPods owners, there’s integrated charging for these devices, plus for other non-Apple devices as well. The new Jeda Tray is compatible with the Jeda USB Hub and other top-loaded center console organizers.

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You can save $20 off the new Jeda Tray with coupon code TESLANORTH at checkout. Click here to buy the new Jeda Tray today—it’s launching in April.

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