Save 15% Off Hansshow Tesla Model 3, Model Y Exhaust Speakers

Hansshow tesla exhaust

If you’re tired of having a silent Tesla Model 3 or Model Y, it’s possible to add an aftermarket exhaust speaker if you miss the good ol’ days of a gasoline car sounds.

Hansshow has a Tesla Model 3 and Model Y exhaust speaker available, and you can save 15% off this mod by using code TESLANORTH at checkout, resulting in up to $194.85 USD in savings.

A single speaker is available at $999 USD, while a double speaker is $1,299 USD.

The Tesla Model 3 and Model Y exhaust from Hansshow brings various sports car sounds to your car, controlled via an app your smartphone. Check out the following videos below to see the Hansshow exhaust in action:

YouTube video

YouTube video

Hansshow also offers power frunk kits and power rear trunk kits for your Tesla as well. Our coupon code also applies 15% off savings to those products and others site-wide. Check out the links below: