Tesmanian Tesla Model Y Floor Mats Sale: Save 19% Off + Extra 10% Off Coupon

Tesmanian floor mats sale

Tesmanian has launched a sale on its highly popular Tesla Model Y floor mats, offering up to 19% off savings. The best part? You can stack our 10% off coupon code TESLANORTH10 on top, to save up to 29% off.

Check out what’s on sale below:

Use our coupon code TESLANORTH10 to save an extra 10% off your Tesmanian order above. That works out to 29% and 28% off savings respectively on these widely popular Tesla Model Y floor mats.

If you’re about to pick up the delivery of a new Tesla Model Y, you need to order your floor mats well ahead of time, so you can protect your new baby from day one. What makes the Tesmanian mats so great is the fact they offer all-weather protection and can protect you from spilled drinks, dirt and crumbs from the kids, and more.

For shipping to Canada, Tesmanian recently switched from USPS to FedEx for deliveries up north, a permanent move, explains the site’s founder to Tesla North. This has resulted in faster deliveries and shipping costs have decreased by $10 for orders to Canada. As for duties and taxes though, you’re shipment is still in the fate of Canada Customs.

Click here to visit Tesmanian.com while the Tesla Model Y floor mat sale is still available. Don’t forget to use our discount code TESLANORTH10 to save an extra 10% off your entire order, site-wide.

Disclosure: Tesmanian is an affiliate partner of Tesla North and allows readers to help support the site.